Are you a keen observer here ? What do you see.

One of my first articles in the month of April 2021 is based on this mandala art I called “Alms and Palms"

The artist who drew chooses to be anonymous and I respect that because not everyone wants their privacy of their world intruded.

Here it goes, that very instant I wrote seing this art.

“Alms & Palms, and yet we ask to quench that. Under the sun nothing new.
Let them be just Palms open to Prakrithi, without her your up for alms taking you down.”

Prakrithi in Sanskrit means Nature. The feminine energy.

A missing thumb in the mandala art of a criss crossed palm surrendered to give and receive Love.

In India, a custom tradition to bow down to elders, a Guru, Parents to seek grace and blessings. Under the one sky & sun, palms or alms is a choice of oneself.

Connecting to your elements within is one of our foundation pillar of Mandalabook.

We thank you for reading out this short article.

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